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Don't Let Daddy Know

Our partnership started with EA Events since 2012 - Don't Let Daddy Know. Across Ibiza and international stages, our collaboration has persisted, consistently pushing the boundaries of event advertising.

Crafting event aftermovies for global spectacles is a blend of passion, strategy, and artistry. Our process starts by immersing ourselves in the event's essence, understanding its unique vibe and crowd dynamics. At the event, our cameras capture candid moments, sizzling performances, and the energy that electrifies the venue.

Back in the editing room, we weave these fragments into a narrative, carefully syncing the beats with the visuals. The aftermovie becomes a condensed story, a portal to relive the event's euphoria.

Our goal? To encapsulate the event's spirit, creating a visual journey that lets viewers experience the magic, no matter where they are. It's our way of celebrating music's unifying power and the emotions it stirs within us all.

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