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We started working with Martin Garrix at the start of his career. With a few musicvideos and live content we worked on one of the most iconic musicvideos to date.

Including a MTV VMA Nomination for best director, this video hits an amazing 1,4 Billion views and counting!

Touring the world with the now #1 DJ in the world has been an amazing experience. With countless shows we made a compilation of almost 2 years of shows.

With more brands starting to connect with Martin Garrix, we got the project to introduce Tag Heuer's newest ambassador. Shot in Ibiza on 1000FPS we made this stunning commercial!

MTV: THE RIDE was another big showcase featuring our work for Martin Garrix on tour. The Ride was premiered at Tuschinski Amsterdam as a red carpet event.

TWITTER connected for the launch of a new concept. #FFWD2016

Showcasing New Years Eve in Dubai, and connecting with his fans via Twitter Video.

For the launch of 7 new tracks in 7 days, We created musicvideos based on the cover art artists. Sony X Spotify

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